Some Of The Cheapest Place To Purchase Property In Europe

Some Of The Cheapest Place To Purchase Property In Europe

I am sure that you have always wanted to purchase property, and I feel that Europe is definitely an amazing candidate to consider. I think we can all agree that Europe is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Europe can boast of having some of the most awe-inspiring spots. The entire continent of Europe has very different temperature zones but, it is wonderfully amazing. If you have always wanted to move to Europe and if you want to know which place can give you a good deal when it comes to property, you have come to the right article. If you are willing to look outside the major cities and if you are looking to settle in some other popular areas, there are some hidden gems that you can actually afford. It can be a little more affordable than the United States of America as well.

Some Of The Cheapest Place To Purchase Property In Europe

Don’t worry; it won’t be as costly as London or New York.

While a lot of people dream of living in city’s like London, Paris, Rome, New York, San Francisco and more, the reality is that a lot of us cannot afford to live in those cities, because it is too expensive. In city’s like London, £1 million can actually fetch you an apartment with 2 to 3 rooms. In other places in Europe, £1 million can actually fetch you a gigantic house with its own lawn and backyard. A lot of people are actually choosing a house outside major cities so that they can live nearby those awesome cities and still have a gigantic house.

  1. I definitely feel you should consider Belgrade, Serbia. The average rent in USD is around $250. The average home price is only around $30,000. You can actually get a home for $30,000 in Belgrade. Even though Serbia has had quite a bit of a rocky history, it is now very safe and yet wonderful to live in; it has spectacular views as well. It also apparently has a very rocking nightlife. I have heard that you can get an eight-bedroom apartment for around $3500. For $50,000, you can get a nice three-bedroom house with a yard.
  2. Next, let us go with Croatia. In Istria, the rent and prices is actually very law. The average rent is around 372 570 USD. The average home price is around $61,000. If you have always wanted to live in Tuscany and if you have found the prices to be too high, you should definitely consider living in Croatia. A lot of people actually considered it an amazing place to retire. It has a lot of fertile lands as well.


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