The Land Registries: Property In Europe

The Land Registries: Property In Europe

I am sure you are asking the question, “what exactly can the land registry is and the registry is working together in the ELRA, and some other European associations do to address any of the issues?”

The Land Registries: Property In Europe

There are actually a lot of things that they can do. I have listed out some of them down below.

  1. Firstly, I think there are three very obvious areas where the land registries can help quite a bit. They can make the information that they hold in the registers available to the individuals who need it a lot. There are some individuals who will be needing it. This information should be given to them for free.
  2. Secondly, they can explain the information. For example, they can make use of sheets and groceries, so that they can explain the information to those who are unable to understand it. In a lot of cases, this information will contain a lot of jargons that most people do not understand.
  3. The customers should be helped with all the formalities, because they will need it. They must also be complied with the real property mortgage dealings and the transfer dealings. If the customers require help, they should be given all help possible.

There are actually so many current projects and a lot of initiatives that are working on a lot of issues in this matter. The Council of the European Union has actually committed, in its E Justice action plan to make sure that the European E Justice portal, which is a single access point to all of the information in the entire national registers.

This will also include all of the land registers. The commission has been carrying out a lot of studies so that they can determine the best way possible to enable the interconnection. They have been doing this very recently. The ELRA has actually been treated as a stakeholder in the entire study. If we are talking about the feasibility study, we should consider how to build upon the work of the European Land Information Services, also known as the EULIS. The EULIS is actually providing access to all the information in six national land registers, which include Ireland, Lithuania, Austria, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. This is really good news indeed.

Even if the land registry information is presented in very common in templates, given the technical nature, there is a gigantic need to provide explanatory information along with it. Both the European Land Registry Network, also known as ELRN and the EULIS, have provided the groceries and the fact sheets necessary to understand them. The useful initiatives actually help the citizens who are purchasing the properties. They can do it with confidence.

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